Blessings and Ceremonies

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time, to share stories, gather knowledge, recharge and support one another. 

Circle gatherings offer a safe and supportive space for woman to come together. The allow an opportunity for celebration of sacred rites of passage, to share in collective wisdom, and join in peace in joy as sisters.

Circle gatherings are medicine spaces that deeply nourish the mind, body and soul.

Maiden Blessing Facilitation

The ‘Maiden’ refers to the phase of a woman’s life from her menarche (first moon) through the transformative years on the journey to motherhood (or late twenties). The Maiden is all about enchantment and new beginnings, youthful ideas and enthusiasm. She is associated with the waxing phase of the lunar cycle, as the moon grows from dark to full.

The Maiden phase is a period of exploration, discovery, self-expression, and creativity in a young woman’s life. A time to learn who she and celebrate her beauty along the way.

A ‘Maiden Blessing’ is beautiful way to honour a special occasion such as a birthday (eg. 30th), bridal shower, or as a way to celebrate a big life change (eg. moving out of home, starting your dream career). Harnessing the potent magic of circle medicine and sisterhood, A maiden blessing is an opportunity to be witnessed during your transformation and give thanks to the amazing woman you are becoming.

Mother Blessing Facilitation

The ‘Mother’ refers to the phase of a woman’s life after entering motherhood or birthing yourself as a powerful woman (eg. late twenties). The Mother is all about nurturing, creativity, fertility and love. She is in full bloom and has reached a time of expansion in both her inner and outer worlds, allow her the ability to radiate and receive loving energy harmoniously.

 A ‘Mother Blessing’ is a sacred ceremony that honours a pregnant woman’s rite of passage as she transitions from maiden to mother. Unlike a baby shower, which is primarily focused on the impending arrival of the infant, a Mother Blessing is about celebrating the woman-of-honours journey to motherhood.

Soul sisters come together to hold space for the mother-to-be, showering her with love and support, to give her strength as she embarks on this life-changing journey. There is deep medicine in sitting in circle with your sisters. It’s the soul work that our ancestral lineage passed down to us to heal our Earth Mother and ourselves.


Blessing One: Malachite is the protective stone of transformation, manifestation and growth. Malachite is especially helpful in the stimulation of the Heart and Throat Chakras. The ‘Malachite’ Blessing [$444] is my sweet and simple blessing that includes:

  • Facilitation of the blessing [roughly 3 hours]
  • Craft activity of your choosing

Blessing Two: Chrysocolla is the stone of the goddess, nurturing feminine energies and allowing truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard through it’s gentle loving energy. The ‘Chrysocolla’ Blessing [$666] is my deluxe blessing that includes:

  • Set up and pack down of our ceremonial space, including my boho bell tent, and library of devotional items eg. cushions, rugs, crystals, candles
  • Facilitation of the blessing [roughly 3 hours]
  • Sacred cacao or rose tea ceremony to open the heart chakra
  • Craft activity of your choosing

And if you’re looking for catering for the special day – let my hands be of service. Hippocrates said it best “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” I have a deep love affair with creating magic in the form of nourishing platters. If you’re looking for some amazing snacks for you and your sisters to feast on during your blessing, let me cater to your heart and your stomach for $20 pp.

Closing & Rebirth Ceremony

The ‘Closing & Rebirth’ Ceremony is dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating significant rites of passage and times of transformation in a woman’s life. It is a ceremonial way to honour the end of one phase, and the symbolic rebirth into what is yet to come. Closing and rebirth ceremonies allow the ones we love to witness and hold space for the grief and loss of the old version of ourselves, with the co-existing feelings of joy and excitement for the new identity.

Life phases that might call for honouring include

  • During the preconception phase to consciously honour your maiden self;
  • After an early birth (miscarriage) or termination of pregnancy;
  • During your postpartum journey to honour your passage from maiden to mother;
  • Following the end of a significant relationship eg. end of a friendship, break up, or divorce;
  • After any transitional phase of life eg. moving overseas, changing careers, following a hysterectomy or as you enter menopause.

Closing & Rebirth Ceremony: Mookaite is an Aboriginal Mother Earth stone, known to emanate the energy of animal knowing. Mookaite is useful to help amplify and awaken one’s own instincts, which is especially important during a time of deep transformation. The Mookaite Closing & Rebirth ceremony involves 2-2.5 nourishing hours of love and devotion, tailored to your unique experience, but generally includes:

  • Cacao ceremony to open the heart and support you to share your story and intentions for the ceremony
  • Fire ritual to release any energy that is no longer serving you while calling in your intentions
  • Closing ritual including body wrapping and any body work that I intuitively feel could support you
  • Drum journey or guided meditation with a sound bath experience (depending on the energy in the space)
  • Yoni steam with time to reflect and journal your experience before coming back together to reconnect over a nourishing herbal tea (and yummy snacks)

The closing & rebirth ceremony will be held in a non-judgemental, confidential space. It can be performed within my home space aka the womb room [$288] or in your own home [$333].

If you feel a connection to these sacred ceremonies and you want to honour your rite of passage, or that of someone you love, please contact me for more details.

Roxanne   X