Doula Services

Melbourne Doula services that support mothers and families in birthing their babies the way they choose to, and beyond.

Does the thought of being whirled about the fragmented maternity system like a leaf in the wind just leave you disconnected from yourself? Disconnected from your partner and disconnected from your baby?

Do you want more than the limited one-size-fits-all models of care offered by standard maternity providers?

Has a previous birth experience left you feeling uneasy, disappointed or even traumatised?

Perhaps you’d like a guide to help reacquaint you with the ancient birthing goddess within? And remind you of your innate wisdom and intuition?

Maybe you need some encouragement to help you embrace the powerful, intelligent and gorgeous person that you are?

Or do you want to learn sustainable parenting practices so that as you raise your tiny human, there will continue to be a thriving planet for them to inherit?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then I might just be the perfect doula for you, and you might just be my dream client!

My purpose as your doula is to make you feel held and cherished, so that you can focus on your bond with yourself, your partner and your baby.

I am here to offer you honest connection. To create an intimate relationship with you, based on mutual respect and friendship. Utilising my gift of ​empathy​, in a system that is lacking any and all feelings.

I will stand by not only what is right and true, but what ​you decide you want and need. I believe in you, I see you, and I hear you. Therefore, my goal is to nurture your own voice, so that you can advocate effectively for yourself. I am here to ride every high and low with you. To move with you through all the transitions that come with pregnancy, birth, parenthood and breastfeeding. Because this journey doesn’t just end at 6 weeks.

​Postpartum is forever.

My acute attention to detail, my ability to bring birth back to its roots and foster a sense of trust in one’s own body, as well as my big heart and bright soul are my biggest assets. I will laugh with you until our cheeks hurt; and I will ugly-cry with you when things get tough. I will challenge you both mentally and physically – and when we’re done blowing your mind, body and soul wide open (for the day!) – we’ll go get mani-pedi’s together, because you aren’t just a mother, you’re a woman too!

Prenatal Soul Sessions

During your pregnancy, we will ​really get to know each other. We’ll delve deep together, exploring your hopes, your dreams and your goals for the future. I will push you to discover what fires you up, what makes you angry and what ultimately motivates you as a woman and as a [soon to be] mama so that we can boost your confidence, demolish your fears and map-out your non-negotiables – your hell freakin’ no’s!

I will offer you education about the care providers, models of care and navigating your chosen maternity care system (just to name a few). I will provide you with modern, comprehensive and ​engagingbirth education, tailored to meet your individual​ needs and get you feeling excited about birth!

We’ll have fun exploring active birth principles and effective movement during labour – yes, you will be acting these out with me! I will instil in you the importance of letting go and allowing your primal instinct to take charge – because at its roots, birth is a normal physiological event and the highly developed ‘thinking’ part of our brain (the neocortex) is not needed for this magical process to occur.

We’ll explore everything there is to know about ​breastfeeding on both a practical level, and a birth-nerd scientific level. I’ll give you the low-down on what baby essentials you really need, help you establish your ‘tribe’ [support network] and prepare for not only your birth and your breastfeeding journey, but your postpartum period too.

Labour and Birth Support

During your labour and birth, I will be there through each contraction, protecting your birth room like a lioness protects her cub.

I will provide you with a safe space for you to unravel when you’re at your most vulnerable, and remind you of your immense strength and power, even when you’re feeling weak.

I will wipe your tears. I will hold your hand. Most importantly, I will remind you of what you already know is true – that you’re a damn goddess, that you’ve totally got this, and that we’re simply witnessing the glory and magnificence that is you!

I may also massage your shoulders, robozo wiggle your hips, remind you to drink or pee or dance around, or even just go on a midnight food run – whatever you might need from me. I will be your birth ninja.

Postpartum Love Fests

Once you’ve brought your beautiful babe earthside, I will be there to nourish and take care of you so that you can focus on being in your newborn love bubble.

I will encourage you to follow your intuition and embrace your ‘baby-brain’ – it’s a good thing, I promise! We’ll explore baby-wearing techniques, attachment parenting, the benefits of cloth nappies (and other awesome sustainable practices), self-care strategies, safe co-sleeping, intuative newborn care, and even sex and sensuality postpartum (whoa, watch out).

I can cook you delicious meals, tidy your house, snuggle your baby while you catch up on sleep, play with your kids (fur-babies included) while you spend some quality time with your partner, or anything else you might need to make your life easier in those early weeks after birth.

A big focus of my postpartum support will also be on supporting you to breastfeed exclusively and successfully (where viable). I want you to feel educated, confident and empowered right from the beginning of your breastfeeding journey. We’ll work on attachment, talk about normal newborn feeding behaviour, work through common hiccups and anything else that might pop up along the way.

If you feel a connection with me and my approach to birth, and think we can make beautiful things happen together, then I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me for more details about my packages and offerings.

Roxanne   X