Midwifery Services

Philosophy of care

I believe that the practice of midwifery is founded on the understanding that pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum periods are natural physiological processes that carry significant meaning for women, their family and their surrounding community.

Pregnancy and birth are deeply sacred rites of passage, that illustrate the powerful transformation that shapes the woman into a mother. Throughout this transformation, the woman remains the expert, and as the midwife I endeavour to support and empower her to achieve a positive birth experience, regardless of the birth outcome.

I believe that midwifery recognizes that the time surrounding birth is focused on the health and wellbeing of the woman and her baby, and promotes wellness both autonomously and collaboratively with related healthcare professionals when care falls outside the scope of midwifery.

I support midwifery as a holistic model of care for pregnant women, which understands the importance of the woman’s social, spiritual, cultural, psychological and physical needs throughout her childbearing experience. I believe that that the midwifery care I provide supports and enhances these crucial aspects through a continuity of care relationship.

I believe that midwifery is a partnership between a midwife and a woman, based on trust and mutual respect. The care I provide as the midwife is woman-centered and aims to empower and support the individual needs of each pregnant woman in my care.

I believe that the practice of midwifery promotes, nurtures and further expands on the woman’s prior knowledge of pregnancy, her birthing options and preferences, and all aspects of her care, including the facilitation of informed choice. I strive to provide women with up-to-date, unbiased information based on best-available evidence to make informed decisions. In turn, I respect a woman’s choice to make informed decisions regarding the care of herself and her baby through bodily autonomy, regardless of my own personal and professional beliefs.

My services are for you if;

You are seeking continuity of care from a known midwife during your pregnancy and postpartum periods. As a shared maternity care affiliate, I have a collaborative agreement with The Royal Women’s Hospital (Parkville & Sandringham), Mercy Hospital for Women (Heidelberg & Werribee) and Joan Kirner Women’s Hospital Sunshine, as well as offering private midwifery services for women seeking prenatal and postpartum care, who are planning to birth with another service provider – including public and private hospital birth.

The benefits of having a known midwife during your pregnancy include:

  • The ability to build a trusting relationship with a known midwife, which can’t always be guaranteed through the public hospital system;
  • The understanding of your health and well-being from a holistic point of view, helping the midwife to identify deviations from normal more readily;
  • Adequate time during your appointments to meet not only your physical, but your emotional and mental needs, without the time constraints placed on hospital midwives;
  • Flexibility in appointment scheduling (including after hours appointment times) so that you aren’t spending half your work day in a waiting room to attend a 20 minute appointment;
  • No limits on who you have in attendance of your appointments – partners and children are welcome to join in on the fun;
  • Direct and timely referral and consultation with appropriate health professionals where your care falls outside the scope of midwifery, so nothing falls through the cracks;
  • Childbirth and breastfeeding education, as well as birth and postpartum planning are integrated throughout your appointments so you don’t have to source your own independently.
  • And most importantly, having a friendly face to open up to and celebrate with throughout your journey to motherhood.

Supporting your breastfeeding goals in the early postpartum 

Breastfeeding can be a deeply rewarding journey, one that fosters a beautiful bond between mama and baby, while giving baby the best start to life. The WHO recommends exclusively breastfeeding for the first 6 months, and continuing on until 2 years and beyond. But while 96% of women in Australia start out breastfeeding their baby, just 39% are still exclusively feeding by 3 months and a mere 15% by 5 months.

For most women, breastfeeding doesn’t come without its challenges. It is a skill that takes time, patience and practice to master, and it’s not something you should have to work at alone. Having experienced support and guidance plays a huge role in your breastfeeding success. This is why during your postpartum visits we will work together to lay the necessary foundations for you to succeed with your breastfeeding goals.  

All care antenatal and postnatal appointments will be conducted in your home. Save yourself the time and hassle of driving to a clinic (and trying to find parking), and allow me to come to you. My role as your midwife is to create a trusting partnership with you and your family, in order for you to feel safe and at ease. Building this relationship over your pregnancy allows me to identify deviations from normal more readily, reducing the risk of complications falling through the cracks. The care provided will focus on both your physical and emotional wellbeing, while assessing the growth and wellbeing of your unborn baby. At each appointment I will offer routine monitoring including blood pressure checks, abdominal palpation, fundal height measurement, fetal heart rate auscultation, as well as any other clinical screening and tests as indicated.

We will also have adequate time at each appointment to discuss your overall wellbeing and how pregnancy is progressing for you. We will explore any and all topics associated with pregnancy, birth and early parenthood that you are interested to know about, while covering the essentials of childbirth and breastfeeding education. If circumstances arise where your care falls outside my scope as a midwife, I will discuss this with your and gain consent before referring to and consulting with the appropriate healthcare practitioner.

Fees & Rebates

Booking in appointment [82110]
Comprehensive first appointment including full history taking, pathology and morphology ultrasound requests.
Duration 90 minutes
Fee $219.00
Rebate $47.25

Short antenatal telehealth [91212]
Short routine antenatal appointment conducted via telehealth when face-to-face appointments are not possible.
Duration 30 minutes
Fee $119.00
Rebate $28.60

Short antenatal appointment [82110]
Short routine antenatal appointment including wellbeing assessment of mother and baby, and arrangement of relevant pathology requests.
Duration 60 minutes

Fee $159.00
Rebate $47.25

Long antenatal appointment [82110]
Long routine antenatal appointment including wellbeing assessment of mother and baby, arrangement of relevant pathology requests, and childbirth education topics.
Duration 90 minutes
Fee $219.00
Rebate $47.25

Short postnatal appointment [82135]
Short routine postnatal appointment including wellbeing assessment of mother and baby, and breastfeeding support.
Duration 60 minutes

Fee $159.00
Rebate $69.45

Long postnatal appointment [82135]
Long routine postnatal appointment including wellbeing assessment of mother and baby, and extended breastfeeding support for complex issues.
Duration 90 minutes
Fee $219.00
Rebate $69.45

6 week postnatal appointment [82140]
Long postnatal appointment between 6 – 7 weeks including wellbeing assessment of mother and baby, full newborn exam, birth debrief and reproductive health counselling.
Duration 90 minutes
Fee $219.00
Rebate $69.45

Travel fee [N/A]
Additional travel fee appointments conducted further than 20kms from Prahran.
Per kilometer plus GST
Fee $0.72
Rebate N/A

If this sounds like the maternity care you’ve been looking for, then I may just be the midwife for you.  Please contact me to find out how we can work together.

Roxanne   X