Antenatal Expressing Kit

Antenatal expressing involves the hand expression and collection of colostrum during the late stages of pregnancy. This expressed colostrum is then stored in sterile containers (typically syringes) and frozen until your baby is born. Having a stash of colostrum already stored at birth can significantly reduce the likelihood of artificial formula introduction in the early postpartum – if your baby requires supplementation or can’t be with you to breastfeed. Start your breastfeeding journey in the best way possible. With the help of our Antenatal Expressing Kit, you will learn how to express, collect and store your precious colostrum in preparation for the arrival of your little person. For more detailed information on the benefits of antenatal expressing, make sure to check out my blog post here. This must-have kit contains:

  • 5 x 1mL sterile syringes (size that most mamas will use in the beginning)
  • 5 x 3mL sterile syringes
  • 10 x sterile syringe caps
  • 10 x printed syringe labels
  • 1 x 30mL reusable measuring cup with lid
  • 1 x information and identification card
  • 1 x freezer-safe case for easy transportation and storage
  • Plus access to our digital instructional video series for hand-on technique demonstration and education

Disclaimer: Although current evidence-based research does not support the theory that expressing colostrum in pregnancy can cause premature labour, it is always important to discuss with your primary health practitioner before beginning this practice.

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