Birth Affirmation Cards


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Most women allow time in their pregnancy to prepare for the birth of their baby by packing the birth bag, washing baby clothes and setting up the nursery. Many women will go one step further and attend antenatal classes or prepare their bodies by participating in pregnancy yoga, but not many women will take time to prepare their minds.

The mind is the greatest asset we have during labour, but it can also be the greatest liability. For many women, the biggest challenge of giving birth is switching off their neocortex and allowing the primal part of their brain to take over.

Printed on smooth 360 gsm A6 cardstock, Earthside Apothecary Birth Affirmation Cards feature hand picked quotes on soothing watercolour printed backgrounds. Each set contains 16 beautifully curated cards, nestled within a crisp white presentation box – wrapped with a bow.

Affirmations are a great tool for calming and promoting a positive mindset during pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. Use these cards throughout your pregnancy to inspire and motivate your mind towards your ideal birth experience. When its time, hang them around your birth space to keep to you grounded and focused during your labour and birth.


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