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When it comes to your body and your birth, it’s important to remember that YOU are in charge. You have the final say in the decisions regarding your care. A simple way to communicate your choices to your care providers is through a birth plan. A birth plan is a concise and essential document that educates your care providers of your wants, your needs and your non-negotiables for your care during labour, birth and the postpartum period. Since most women do not have access to a known midwife, the likelihood of being cared for by a complete stranger in labour is high. This is where a visual birth plan really comes in handy. It’s a quick way to show your care provider on the day what you want your labour to look and feel like.

But creating a birth plan isn’t quite as simple as just writing down that you don’t want an epidural or an episiotomy. It should be a comprehensive outline of not just things that you don’t want, but also things that you DO want. It explores your essential needs in terms of safety, and highlights how you want to feel during your birth. Birth plans also allow for the planning of the unexpected, making them an important decision-making resource for both the birthing person, and her birth team.

Now more than ever with the chaotic and disjointed maternity care that women are receiving, a simple visual representation of your wants and needs can make a real impact on the care that you receive. This is why I have created a digital visual birth plan – completely customised to your unique needs. Once purchased, you will receive an email with a PDF questionnaire for you to provide me with your birth preferences. Once completed and emailed back, I will create your custom birth plan, that displays your preferences clearly and in a visually appealing manner (making it easier for your care provider to read and understand).

Product Details:
To maintain readability, each category can fit a maximum of eight choices (24 to each page). If you have more than eight choices there are two options: (A) You can add an additional A4 page or two with 24 additional choices for an extra $5 per page; or (B) If you have fewer choices in one category eg. first stage, I can extend and add more choices to another eg. second stage. If you would like me to change the wording of any preferences, please write the amended in the comments box on the final page. Once complete, please email back the completed PDF to I will endeavour to have your plan back to your within 3 working days of receiving your completed questionnaire. Once you have received your finished birth plan, it’s time to print – YAY!

Your custom plan is best to be printed on good quality white cardstock. The cardstock holds up better in the birth space – as birth plans are passed back and forth between care providers. Alternatively you could laminate your plan for extra durability.


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