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Thank you so much for engaging me to be your doula – I cannot wait to meet you! Even though you are accessing my virtual services, I will provide you with the same love and support as my in-person clients.

Distance Doula calls are tailored to your needs at the particular time of your session. The calls are also an opportunity for you to access my birth-nerd brain, and for me to share my passion with you – when it comes to the magnificent and crazy world that is birth work. When it comes to session topics, if it has anything to do with preconception, pregnancy, labour, birth or the postpartum – I’m your gal! Topics may include:

  • Preconception support on a mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual level;
  • Options for prenatal care including public maternity, private obstetrics, GP shared, or independent midwifery care;
  • Navigating the medicalised maternity care hospital system;
  • Knowing your rights in childbirth and how to step into your power and utilise your voice;
  • Debriefing previous experiences, fears or concerns that may have a negative impact on your current pregnancy/birth;
  • Treating pregnancy as a spiritual experience and rite of passage;
  • Unpacking your current thoughts/feelings/emotions around this pregnancy and impending birth experience;
  • Practical hands-on tips, tricks and techniques to utilise in labour;
  • Diving into what your ‘dream birth’ looks and feels like, and how to make an embodied plan to achieve this;
  • Discuss all things breastfeeding including what’s biologically normal, strategies for the early days, hands on positioning and attachment demonstration, and the benefits of antenatal expressing;
  • Creating a comprehensive plan to ensure you have the most nourishing, loved-up beginning to parenthood – that you know you deeply deserve.

Remember, this session is about YOU. I am here to best serve your needs – whatever they may be. Your distance doula call will include a pre-session questionnaire to ascertain your goals for the session, as well as follow up resources sent to your email.


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