Labour TENS Machine Hire


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Labour TENS Machine Hire

Elle TENS is a Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device designed for labour and birth, providing drug-free pain relief to support your body’s natural physiology. Earthside Apothecary is happy to offer Labour TENS Machine Hire for mama’s birthing nation-wide. The Elle TENS machine was the original and first maternity-dedicated TENS device in the world, featuring Opti-Max technology. Opti-Max is exclusive to Elle TENS, providing that extra burst of pain-relief power when you need it most.

Benefits of the Elle TENS for labour

  • TENS machine is a portable battery powered and self-operated
  • Sends pulsed electrical stimuli through the pads on your skin
  • Electrical pulses release endorphins and create a welcome distraction from the discomfort associated with contractions
  • Pulse frequency and strength can be adjusted to meet your individual discomfort needs
  • Can be used safety after 37 weeks of pregnancy to relieve aches and pains
  • Perfect at-home tool for early labour, the car-trip to hospital and for back pain associated with posterior positioned babies
  • Handy after birth for involution pain (afterbirth pains)
  • There are no known adverse effects of it’s use so it’s safe for both mama and baby


Earthside Apothecary TENS Hire

Earthside Apothecary standard hire period is 8 weeks – we post out your TENS machine when you’re 36 weeks pregnant, providing you with plenty of time to test out your new friend before the big day, as well as an additional few weeks after birth as to not disturb your blissful postpartum bubble. When hiring our TENS simply put your estimated date of birth in your comments section so we know when we need to send your TENS to you. We will then send you a friendly reminder text 3 days before your TENS is due to be posted back to us. We know what baby brain is like.

Each TENS hire comes with:

  • Original Elle TENS Machine with Boost mode button
  • 2 x electrode leads
  • 4 x brand new electrode pads that can be reused time and time again
  • 2 x brand new AA batteries (we recommend packing a few spares in your birth bag just in case)
  • Easy to read instruction card
  • Removable landyard
  • Hard-sided carry case for safe
  • Prepaid AusPost return label to be placed on the compostable satchel your TENS arrives in (Earthside Apothecary are caring for our Mother Earth by reducing and reusing)

You can book in your TENS hire at any time in your pregnancy – if you’re booking after 36 weeks we encourage you to send us an email so we know to post it to you express. When your TENS machine arrives we recommend you familiarise yourself with how it works by giving it a test drive. This will ensure you know all of the functions for ease of use on the big day! If you have any questions or issues with your TENS machine, please send us an email ASAP and we will help you troubleshoot.

When you’re ready to return your TENS, simply place the machine and it’s accessories inside the hard-sided carry case and place back inside the compostable satchel we posted it to you in. Stick the prepaid addressed AusPost parcel label over the top of the original label and drop it into your nearest AusPost post office. We recommend you keep your lodgement receipt in order to keep track of your return.

Don’t forget to get in contact with your private health insurance to see if they provide rebates for pain management device purchase or hire. In some instances, health insurance companies will provide you with a partial or full rebate for TENS machines.


How to use your Elle TENS machine

Before use, insert 2 x new AA batteries into the TENS machine. Insert your electrode lead into the unit and attach the leads to the transducer pads. Place your pads on your lower back as shown above. Start you TENS on the lower settings and increase as your labour progresses. Use the BOOST button during contractions to give you an extra boost of pain relief.

For more information, check out the Complete Elle TENS User Manual here. 

Manufacturer Precautions for use

  1. Do NOT use TENS before 37 weeks of pregnancy unless under medical supervision.
  2. Electrodes should only be positioned as recommended unless otherwise stated by your midwife or medical adviser.
  3. Do NOT place electrodes on the abdomen (before birth), the front or side of the neck, or areas on the head, which could cause current to flow transcerebrally.
  4. Do NOT use TENS if you have a demand-type cardiac pacemaker.
  5. If you suffer from epilepsy, or any undiagnosed pain, consult your medical adviser.
  6. Electronic monitoring equipment (such as ECG monitors and ECG alarms) may not operate properly when TENS stimulation is in use.
  7. Skin irritation can occur following long term application.
  8. Do not immerse the Elle TENS unit in water or any liquid.
  9. Do not place it close to any source of excessive heat.
  10. Do not operate this unit in the presence of flammable gas.
  11. Do not drop this unit onto a hard surface.
  12. Do not attempt to open the Elle TENS unit. 7. Only use the specified batteries and electrodes.
  13. Remove the batteries when the Elle TENS unit is not in use.
  14. Do not use TENS whilst driving or operating potentially dangerous machinery.

Terms & Conditions of Hire

When hiring a Labour TENS machine with Earthside Apothecary, you agree to the following terms & conditions of use:

  1. We do our very best to post your TENS machine when you are 36 weeks so that it arrives before you reach term gestation. Please note that Earthside Apothecary is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by AusPost. If you are nearing your guess date, please contact us for express postage.
  2. Each TENS machine is tried and tested prior to posting to make sure it is in fit working order when it arrives to you. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the TENS unit in order to understand how it works for labour and birth. Please contact us ASAP if you run into any issues with use.
  3. The ELLE TENS machine must only be used in accordance with the operating instructions listed above and within the company user manual provided here.
  4. We do not guarantee any outcomes for the use of the Elle TENS machine during labour and birth. Benefits listed vary from individual to individual and are based on their own unique circumstances.
  5. Due to it’s electronic nature, the Elle TENS machine must NOT be used in conjunction with water (eg. shower or birth pool). Doing so will render the machine unusable and you the consumer will be charged a replacement fee as a result.
  6. You as the consumer agree to return the Elle TENS machine and all of the included accessories to Earthside Apothecary, in the same condition it was received in by the end of the 8 week hire period.
  7. If for any reason you are unable to return the Elle TENS machine and the included accessories by the end of the hire period, you acknowledge that:
    1. You agree that you will be charged $5 per day that the machine is returned late.
    2. You will be charged the replacement value of $230 for the unit and included accessories. At this point the Elle TENS will be yours to keep.
  8. Should the Elle TENS machine be returned to Earthside Apothecary damaged, or with missing accessories, you acknowledge that you will be charged a replacement fee – depending on the items missing/damaged.
  9. If you misplace your prepaid postage label, you acknowledge that you are responsible for the cost of posting the Elle TENS machine back to Earthside Apothecary. Please contact us for our shipping address in this instance.
  10. You have read the above listed manufacturers precautions for use and agree to adhere to their recommendations.

** By proceeding with hire, you acknowledge that you have read and agree the above listed terms & conditions of use **

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