Moon Time Monthly Tea


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Raspberry Leaf · Chamomile Flower · Peppermint · Lady’s Mantle · Calendula Flower · Motherwort · Marshmallow Root · Ginger Root


Menstruation, though a powerful reminder of the amazing abilities of the female body, isn’t always pleasant. Moon Time Monthly Tea combines the herbal powers of Raspberry Leaf and Lady’s Mantle to help reduce heavy menstrual bleeding, with Motherwort and Ginger Root to minimise muscle cramping. This luscious herbal blend can help to reduce uncomfortable symptoms, while supporting the body during the sacred time of the moon.

Brewing Instructions: 
To extract the most from your herbal tea, the recommended way to brew is by the method of infusion. Add 4tbsp of tea in a 1L heatproof jar and cover with boiling water (100 degrees) and an airtight lid. Steep your infusion for 4 – 8 hours, strain and enjoy. Additional Infusion can be stored in your airtight container for up to two days.

For a quick and simple single serving, add 1tsp of tea to 250ml of boiling water (100 degrees). Cover and brew infusion for 5-10 minutes before straining herbs. Enjoy up to four servings per day.

Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Tea


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