Sacred Sanctuary Birthroom Kit


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Sacred Sanctuary Birthroom Kit

Despite the growing body of evidence supporting the need for home-like spaces for women to birth in, most hospital birth rooms remain clinical and sterile environment. Research shows that home-like birth environments help to minimise maternal stress, and facilitate the physiology of labour and birth, thereby contributing to safe positive birth experiences for all women. For many women, the hospital environment provokes feelings of fear and anxiety, which can interrupt the delicate hormonal flow of labour and increase the likelihood of interventions and complications. By creating a safe and calming space, research shows there is a reduction in obstetric intervention rates, an improvement of clinical outcomes, and higher reported rates of positive birth experiences.

Sacred Sanctuary Contents

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Victoria saw a big shift in maternity services. Birth support was taken from women, birth rooms were made even more sterile places, and women were greeted in labour by staff gowned from head to toe in PPE. A necessary evil during a global pandemic, but the opposite of what a labouring woman’s body needs. As a result women were fleeing from the hospital system, instead seeking alternative options such a private home birth services. For many women though this was not an option, whether due to financial pressures or midwifery availability, many women were stuck birthing in less than ideal situations. As you can imagine, intervention rates sky rocketed, with current induction, epidural and caesarean rates sitting at an all time high.

Earthside Apothecary decided that something needed to be done. And while on a systemic level we were powerless, we decided that creating a resource to bring home to the hospital was something we could create. And with that, the Sacred Sanctuary Birthroom kit was born. Created to include items to bring comfort, tools to help with pain management, and resources to maintain mammalian safety and support natural birth physiology, the Sacred Sanctuary kit is your Mary Poppins bag for birth. Each Sacred Sanctuary Birthroom Kit hire comes with:

  • 3 x LED flameless battery operated candles: water-resistant/splash-proof and safe to use in the bathroom to create ambient and calming lighting
  • 6 x LED flameless battery operated tealight candles: water-resistant/splash-proof and safe to use in the bathroom to create ambient and calming lighting
  • LED peg fairy lights: gentle lighting that can display your affirmation cards
  • Rechargeable Bluetooth speaker: waterproof to play your birth playlist even in the bathroom
  • Battery operated essential oil diffuser: to diffuse your favourite stress relieving oils
  • Labourland crystal kit: use to protect your space and raise your vibration
  • Peanut massage ball: perfectly sized to apply counter pressure on the lower back and sacrum
  • Massage roller: to help relieve tension in small and large muscles
  • Spiky ball: to use as a pain distraction tool
  • Head massager: light touch massage has been shown as a great distraction technique in labour
  • Heat pack: essential for early labour to ease lower abdominal and lower back pain
  • Wooden comb: utilise the gateway pain theory and activate pressure points in the hand
  • Metal straws: handy tool to keep your hydrated while being an eco-friendly alternative to single use straws
  • Handheld mirror: to use during crowning to see your babe emerge
  • Electric handheld fan: to keep your body cool while it works hard to bring your babe earthside
  • Birth affirmation cards: to keep you focused and centred
  • Birth room sign: place on the door to inform staff that the space is sacred
  • Bed comforter & affirmation pillow case: help to minimise the clinical look of the birth bed
  • Rebozo: can be used to help baby move into an optimal position, or to cover unnecessary medical equipment
  • 6 x CR2032 3V button batteries: for powering the tealights
  • 3 x AA batteries: for powering the string lights
  • 9 x AAA batteries: for powering the LED candles and diffuser
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable: for charge the handheld fan and speaker
  • Hard-sided carry case for safe transport of your kit

The Sacred Sanctuary Kit is a more cost-effective solution compared to purchasing the listed items for your own birth bag. It also helps to keep single use items out of landfill as the kit can be enjoyed by birthing women again and again.

Earthside Apothecary Sacred Sanctuary Birthroom Kit Hire

Earthside Apothecary has three hire periods available – you may select from a 4, 6 or 8 week hire period. Depending on which option you choose for arrival (local pick-up or delivery) we will provide our pick-up location and arrange an appropriate time for collection, or we will deliver your Sacred Sanctuary Kit to your home at 36 weeks. This will provide you with plenty of time to familiarise yourself with each item and giving them all a test drive by setting up a practice birth room. This way, your support team will know exactly how to do it on the big day!

You can book in your Sacred Sanctuary Birthroom Kit hire at any time in your pregnancy – if you’re booking after 36 weeks we encourage you to send us an email so we know to get your kit to you ASAP. When your Sacred Sanctuary Kit arrives we recommend you (and your support team) familiarise yourself with how each item works by giving them a test drive. This will ensure you know all of the functions for ease of use and how to create the perfect birth space for when it’s labour time. If you have any questions or issues with items in your kit, please send us an email ASAP and we will help you troubleshoot.

When you’re ready to return your kit, simply place all items back into the provided carry case and send us a message. We will also send you a friendly reminder text 3 days before your Sacred Sanctuary Kit is due to be returned back to us. We know what baby brain is like. Depending on which option you choose for return (local pick-up or delivery) we will provide our pick-up location and arrange an appropriate time with you, or we will come and pick up your Sacred Sanctuary Kit from your home by the end of the hire period.


How to use your Sacred Sanctuary Kit

Before using any of the electronic items, insert the appropriate new batteries into the devices and charge the rechargeable items using the cable provided. We recommend you place your crystals out in the moonlight to cleanse their energy before using them in labour. Check out the product photos for inspiration of how to set up your birth space and use the included items


The rebozo included in the kit has a variety of using, from covering unnecessary medical equipment, to a tool for helping baby moving into an optimal position for birth. Given that the Rebozo is a traditional Mexican birth tool, rebozo techniques should ideally be taught by Indigenous healers, midwives and teachers who have be traditionally trained in the art of the rebozo. Traditional Mexican midwife Naoli Vinaver has a fabulous online resource centre with a wealth of knowledge on the art of the Rebozo and so much more available here. Gail Tully from Spinning Babies also has additional techniques to use in combination with the rebozo here.

If you are planning a home birth you can utilise the kit by setting up your sacred birth space leading up to birth, getting comfortable in your space and really immersing yourself in your sanctuary in preparation for labour. If you are planning a hospital/birth centre birth we recommend to keep all of the items in the provided case ready to go with your hospital bag, so that you’d don’t forget anything when heading to the hospital. Once arriving to the hospital/birth centre, your birth team can set up your space to make you feel more at home and relaxed – your own private sanctuary.


Precautions for Use

Please note that although some electronic items in the kit are listed as splash-proof or water resistant, they must NOT be submerged in water. Please avoid getting any bodily fluids on the material items such as the Rebozo and bed cover/pillowcase. To avoid any potential staining, we recommend you remove the bed cover and pillowcase prior to utilising the bed for labouring/birthing on.


Terms & Conditions of Hire

When hiring the Sacred Sanctuary Birthroom Kit with Earthside Apothecary, you agree to the following terms & conditions of use:

  1. The listing fee includes a $100 refundable deposit that will be returned to your nominated payment method upon the return of the Sacred Sanctuary Kit in good working order. You acknowledge this deposit will be forfeit should the kit be returned with missing or damaged items (eg water damaged items, stained bed cover etc.).
  2. We do our very best to arrange pick-up/delivery of your Sacred Sanctuary Kit 36 weeks before you reach term gestation. Please note that Earthside Apothecary is not responsible for delays in pick-up/delivery if we can not mutually agree upon a suitable collection/delivery time frame.
  3. All electronic items within the Sacred Sanctuary Kit are tried and tested prior to pick-up/delivery to make sure they are in fit working order when it arrives to you. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with their use in order to understand how they work for setting up your sacred birth space. Please contact us ASAP if you run into any issues with use.
  4. The Sacred Sanctuary Kit must only be used in accordance with the cautions for use listed above.
  5. We do not guarantee any outcomes for the use of the Sacred Sanctuary Kit during labour and birth. Benefits listed vary from individual to individual and are based on their own unique circumstances.
  6. Due selected items in the kit being electronic nature, they must NOT be used in conjunction with water (eg. in the shower or birth pool). Doing so will render the items unusable and you the consumer will be charged a replacement fee as a result.
  7. You as the consumer agree to return the Sacred Sanctuary Kit and all of the included contents to Earthside Apothecary, in the same condition it was received in by the end of the chosen hire period.
  8. If are unable to return kit by the end of the chosen hire period (eg. if you are yet to give birth), you acknowledge that:
    1. You will be charged a late fee of $20 per day that the kit is returned late if not already re-arranged.
    2. A hire extension may be available where the kit is not pre-allocated to another customer. Please contact us within 24 hours of your completed hire period to arrange and avoid the above mentioned late fees.
  9.  If are unable to the kit including all of its content, by the end of the chosen hire period (due to loss or breakage), you acknowledge that
    1. You will be charged the replacement value of the selected individual items, up to the total kit price of $660.
  10. Should the Sacred Sanctuary Kit be returned to Earthside Apothecary damaged, or with missing accessories, you acknowledge that you will be charged a replacement fee up to the total kit price of $660 – depending on the items missing/damaged.
  11. The listed price for delivery/collection of the Sacred Sanctuary kit is for homes within a 20km return radius of Prahran 3181. Should you live outside of this radius, please contact us for an accurate delivery quote.
  12. You have read the above listed precautions for use and agree to adhere to the recommendations.

** By proceeding with hire, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above listed terms & conditions of use **

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