Sacred Yoni Steaming Blend


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Yarrow · Motherwort · Rosemary · Lavender · Calendula · Rose


Yoni steaming is an ancient healing ritual that has been practiced by women in many cultures around the world for centuries. Sacred Yoni blend has been handcrafted with love and intention, using all organic ingredients – traditionally used to nourish the womb, enhance menstrual wellbeing, and nurture your yoni – both physically and spiritually.

Directions: To extract the most from your herbs, the recommended way to prepare the blend for steaming is by stovetop brew. Add 1/2 cup of herbs to 2000mL of water and bring to the boil. Simmer your brew on high heat for 5 minutes to extract the naturally occurring oils. Allow your herbs to cool slightly (test steam with forearm) before adding to your steaming pot/bowl. For more information on Yoni steaming, please see my blog post here.

*Organically Grown

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