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Yoni Pleasure Palace Waterproof Sex Blanket

Yoni Pleasure Palace has designed the world’s first luscious double-sided Waterproof Blanket for squirting, partner sex, self pleasure, free-bleeding, or even nappy-free time. Designed with a waterproof membrane, the blanket will remain fleecy and waterproof, even after many washes! The sensitive skin of your yoni, buttocks and lower back deserves the most luxurious fabric for sacred self-pleasure practices or intimate love making. This is why Yoni Pleasure Palace created this stunning blanket featuring super-soft fleece on the underside, with the Emerald size made of velvet-smooth material that feels like silk on your skin. With a special waterproof membrane integrated within the blanket that captures liquid, preventing it from leaking through, you won’t need to stress about soaking through your sheets or towels!

About Yoni Pleasure Palace

Yoni Pleasure Palace was founded by leading sex and relationship coach Rosie Rees. After experiencing a sexual awakening at a Jade Egg workshop in Bali in 2014, Rosie decided to quit her stressful corporate job in Sydney and follow her heart. Rosie found that consistently using the Yoni Egg helped her have internal orgasms, heal her sexual trauma and feel more juicy and alive inside her vagina; a place that felt numb and de-sensitized after many years of using vibrators. She believes that women can learn how to have empowering, life changing internal orgasms without needing a vibrator!

Product Details

Our Yoni Pleasure Palace Waterproof Sex Blanket come in two gorgeous colours, Moonblood (a deep wine shade) and Emerald (a lush turquoise shade) both measuring a generous 50×80 inches. It’s super soft and smooth material is waterproof and leak proof, fully reversible, machine washable (see care instructions) and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You may like to use your Waterproof Sex Blanket for:

  • Sex practices such as squirting or “water sports”
  • Self pleasure rituals
  • Free-bleeding (for those who choose not to use menstrual products such as pads, tampons or cups)
  • Nappy-free time for baby
  • During a homebirth as a beautiful alternative to disposable bed pads
  • Pregnancy or postpartum to catch yoni discharge, amniotic fluid, postpartum blood loss or even breast milk leaks during sleep
  • Picnic blanket or even just a throw for your couch

** Please note that both the Emerald and Moon Blood blankets are currently on Back Order and won’t be back in stock until Mid-late December **

Usage Instructions

Before commencing your self-pleasure practice or play with your intimate partner, lay the blanket over your bed, couch or floor, and feel the seductive comfort beneath you. By having the protective waterproof blanket beneath your body, you relax deeper into your pleasure, fully letting go and releasing during orgasm, increasing the likelihood of female ejaculation.

To clean after use, simply machine wash your blanket on a cold, gentle setting. Line dry your blanket in the sunshine, fleece side out, to keep the blanket in best condition.

Care Instructions

To best care for your blanket, wash your blanket before first use. Make sure to wash on a cold, delicate wash setting. Avoid washing with powders/liquids containing bleach or fabric softener as they can damage the delicate waterproof membrane. Dry your blanket on a cool tumble dry (no longer than 30 mins) or hang out on the washing line in the sunshine. To remove stubborn stains (such as blood), we recommend using a gentle, eco stain remover such as the “Tuff Stuff” stain remover bar.

Made of 100% polyester fleece with an inner layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Disclaimer: Information and statements offered by Earthside Apothecary are for educational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration [TGA]. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Readers must do their own research concerning the safety and usage of any essential oils, prior to purchasing this product. Please consult with your primary health practitioner if you have any concerns.

If you want to pamper yourself while amping up your self-love practices, why not check out our Self-Love ritual packs!

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Sex Blankets

Emerald (Turquoise), Moon Blood (Wine)

3 reviews for Waterproof Sex Blanket – Yoni Pleasure Palace

  1. Bec (verified owner)

    LUSH AF. I was so excited to receive this in the mail. I’ll be using mine for birth but no doubt it will come in handy for other things! x

  2. Shelley

    Love my blanket!! Use it for alllll the things, including just to be warm. Have also gotten it as a gift for birth clients and they have loved it during birth as well.

  3. Jae

    Love this blanket! We used it for the couch right after birth and it washed out perfectly. It’s soft and looks good too. It will be good to cover the couch when my toddler eats on it!

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