Devoted to women, always. 

Ceremonial Hands-on pelvic care & sacred women’s circles in Brisbane, Queensland.

Our current maternity system is failing women and babies.

The rates of birth trauma in Australia are astronomical. Currently 1 in 3 women report their birth as a traumatic experience, while 1 in 7 women in Australia experience postnatal depression. Inductions and instrumental births are rising substantially and with a national average of 34%, Australia is performing more than double the rate of caesarean sections than the World Health Organisation recommends (which is 10-15% by the way).


Australian women are being told that one third of their population are incapable of birthing their babies vaginally. That their bodies are defective. That they’ve forgotten ​how to give birth.

Looking at statistics alone, Australian women are being told that one third of their population are incapable of birthing their babies vaginally. That their bodies are defective. That they’ve forgotten ​how to give birth. And it’s evident that more intervention is ​not what women need. In fact, maybe all of this intervention is the very reason for the increase in birth trauma. Because a live mum and baby is ​not the sole indicator of a successful outcome. Because our mental health is just as important as our physical health. So it’s time for things change. Birthing women need more support and they need it now!

My mission is to shake up our current system by bringing the power back to you. I want to bring the humanity back to birth – so you don’t walk away from your birth experience feeling like you simply “survived”, but emerge from your rebirth feeling like a stronger, more confident and empowered version of you. I am at the forefront of the fight against the patriarchy; sword blazing ready for battle. I am here to lead a revolution; to dismantle the broken maternal health system and improve it from the inside out, one birth at a time.

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Roxanne   X

My approach to birth work embodies the characteristics of a lioness – ​tenacious, instinctual, ​and protective​.

I am literate in the unspoken language of birth; a translator of needs.

I tune into the energy of the birth room – seeing subtleties that no one else sees; hearing frequencies that no-one else hears.

I am constantly moving, adapting, changing elements to embody your individual needs – to create a safe energetic container for you to let go and come undone.


My internal pelvic release session with Roxanne was exactly what I needed. I was in need of some self care, time to connect back to myself and some physical work after the birth of my second child.

Roxanne is professional but also friendly and easy to build rapport with. She ensured I was comfortable and thoroughly explored my feelings and concerns I wanted addressed at the start of the session. The internal pelvic release work was wonderful and I felt really in balance and calm at the end of the session. I felt more connected to myself and my feminine energy.

I highly recommend Roxanne and think it’s an amazing service to be offering people.

~ Jacinta (Pelvic Care Ceremony)

The Preconception Circle is the single smartest investment I’ve made for myself and my relationship.

Not only did it give me the space and time I needed to work through some incredibly challenging themes, the love and support I received from all the women in our circle, bolstered my courage to do the hard work.

After 20 years of ambivalence, I know 100% in my heart that I want to become a mother and that my spirit babe is ready for me! And now I have a community of women who love and support each other and who meet with openness and love.

I feel so blessed.

~ Hana (Preconception Circle)

Language and Inclusivity

I recognise that not all birthing people present and/or identify as women. My personal philosophy is that all gender identities deserve to be celebrated, and everyone has the right to feel safe/accepted. But purely for the consistency of equality of expression on this platform, the terms woman & women will be used to reference womb-bearing individuals.