About Me

My name is Roxanne, but you can call me Rox.

I’m an empathetic soul with a passion and vigour for life that’s even bigger than my personality.

And as for my personality – well, I’d best describe myself as a mixture of 

your bubbly bestie who’s fun nature, ridiculous dance moves and witty, outrageous sense of humour always brightens your day;

your protective big sister who’s good at dishing out tough love but you know deep down she’s fiercely loyal and always has your back;

and lastly your great Aunt Sally who can talk under water and everyone thinks is a little nutty but they wouldn’t have her any other way!

I love chocolate, travelling, a cheeky rosé, my comfy uggs, stimulating conversation and and a hot chai latte on a cold winter’s day.

I have more books in my house than food in my fridge. And seeing as I love food so much, that says a lot about my book collection.

I thrive off the energy of being with friends, but also love a quiet night in with a movie and a bowl of popcorn and malteasers (don’t knock it till you try it!).

I’m a smidge OCD, and may just come to your house and rearrange your kitchen, pantry, and probably also your wardrobe… complete with colour coordination – sorry, not sorry!

And for those into astrology, I’m a classic gemini-sun, pisces-moon, taurus-rising – enough said? For everyone else, that just means I’m loving and affectionate, yet practical and methodical. I also embody the duality and complexity of the gemini twins, so am open to exploring different options and points of view, and above all, believe in freedom of choice.

So why do I work as a doula?

I believe the journey through pregnancy can and should be so much more than the current maternity system’s standard care can cater for. We as birth workers need to move beyond the ‘one size fits all’ mould, and place the power back into the hands of you – the birthing person.

The creation of life is a wonder beyond reckoning, ​notan illness to be treated.

The lead up to birth should be a time of transformation, learning, and preparation for what comes next; ​not a conveyor belt churning through the bare minimum examinations and information necessary to tick the boxes.

Education sessions should be tailored to meet the pregnant persons’ individual needs; not constrained by allocated timeslots and hospital policies and protocols.

Women deserve to be fully supported and respected in their informed decisions and should be given the time to so so; which is often ​not offered by rushed an over-worked hospital staff.

Now let’s face it, even with an amazing known care provider (like an independent midwife) by your side, there is only so much time and energy they can offer, and typically this just isn’t enough to meet all of your needs. This is where a doula perfectly completes the picture. With me by your side, I will work to fill in the gaps in your maternity care. And trust me, there are a lotof gaps.

If you feel a connection with me and my approach to birth, and think we can make beautiful things happen together, then please go to my doula services page for more information or send me a message directly to receive my packages and offerings.